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Signing Babies

Signing Babies - Ages Newborn to Walking, 45 min for 4 week sessions
In each class, a minimum of 80 ASL sign taught as well as 10 songs to sign and sing to your baby! Language strategies appropriate for this age also discussed.

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WeeHands Signing Babies classes are the original WeeHands classes.  Our Signing Babies classes together include 16 weeks of classes specifically for families with babies who are newborn to walking. We've divided these 16 weeks into 4 different classes that are each 4 weeks long.

There are no prequisites for our classes. You can start with whatever classes suits your needs and your baby's schedule.

The first four week class is called Sign & Sing At Home and teaches signs & songs to help you get started, food signs, family signs and daily routine signs.

The second four week class is called Sign & Sing At Play and teaches signs & songs related to animals, manners, toys and the outdoors.

The next four week class is called Sign & Sing in My Room and teaches signs and songs related to life at home, your toybox, clothing and bedtime.

The last in our series of Signing Babies classes is called Sign & Sing on the Road and teaches signs for vehicles, the grocery store, at the park and at the zoo.

Each week, with other new parents from your community, you learn a minimum of 10 theme specific ASL signs.  As well, each weekly theme will introduce a new song and book sign with your little one.

Our "Signing Babies" classes teach a number of popular children's songs, including Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Rubber Duckie and more! You learn fun baby games that incorporate language development strategies for you to play at home with your baby.

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